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Glazed Donut Glazed Donut

Yeast donut with glaze

Our Price: $1.79
Chocolate Donut Chocolate Donut

A yeast donut hand-dipped in our delicious fudge ganache.

Our Price: $2.69
Angel Dust Donut Angel Dust Donut

An old-fashioned cake donut dipped in our fudge ganache, topped with danish wedding cookie crumbles and showered with powdered sugar

Our Price: $2.99
Almond Joy Donut Almond Joy Donut

An old-fashioned cake donut dipped in our fudge ganache, topped with our homemade coconut cake icing, drizzled with chocolate, sprinkled with almond slivers

Our Price: $2.99
Salted Caramel Toffe Donut Salted Caramel Toffe Donut

Our amazing yeast donut iced with creamy salted caramel, then dipped in toffee brickle

Our Price: $2.99
Sticky Pig Sticky Pig

Our delicious maple glazed yeast donut topped with bacon pieces

Our Price: $2.99
Red Velvet with or without pecans Red Velvet with or without pecans

Our red velvet cake donut iced with cream cheese frosting and topped with pecans (pecans are optional)

Our Price: $2.99
Southern Girl Southern Girl

Our fabulous maple glazed yeast donut covered in pecan pieces. Think pralines or pecan pie!!!

Our Price: $2.99
Butterfinger Butterfinger

Yummy chocolate ganache topped yeast donut dipped in butterfinger bits

Our Price: $2.99
M & M Donut M & M Donut

A chocolate ganache covered yeast donut generously topped with M & M's

Our Price: $2.99
Apple Fritter Apple Fritter

A traditional apple fritter with chunks of apples topped with our sweet glaze

Our Price: $2.99
Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill

A blueberry infused cake donut dipped in our vanilla glazed topped with fresh blueberries

Our Price: $2.99
Reese' pieces Donut Reese' pieces Donut

Our delicious yeast donut dipped in our chocolate ganached and dipped again in sweet Reese' pieces candy

Our Price: $2.99
Cookies & Cream Cookies & Cream

Devil's food cake donut with fondant icing topped with oreo cookies.

Our Price: $2.99
Coconut Cream Coconut Cream

Yeast donut topped with Grandmas favorite coconut cake icing.

Our Price: $2.99
Cookie Monster Cookie Monster

Yeast donut tots blue icing, candy eyes, and oreo cookies.

Our Price: $2.99
Sweet Tooth Sandwich Sweet Tooth Sandwich

Donut with white icing and sprinkles cut in half layered with icing of your choosing!

Our Price: $4.55
Ice (S)Cream for Donuts! Ice (S)Cream for Donuts!

Donut of your choosing with a scoop of chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry on top! YUM

Our Price: $5.55
Gourmet Donut Sampler Gourmet Donut Sampler

4 of any of our gourmet donuts

Our Price: $10.00
Decorate-A-Donut Kit Decorate-A-Donut Kit

Our Price: $12.50